Yvette Dubel Cheers with glass balloon


I'm so proud of you for taking this step towards your personal transformation!

Well done!!

Congratulations on wanting change more than you wanted the protection of your fear. 

  1. Take a about 8  minutes for a short webinar introduction to my 5 Step Strategy For Creating Your Perfect Success Buffet. You’ll get an introduction to what it is and how to put it to use in your own life. These steps can be undertaken in any order. 

Step 2. When you check your inbox to confirm your email you’ll get the link for the pre-recorded Why Tracking Micro-Habits Will Help You Succeed Faster class link.  Then confirm your email when you go download your 5-Step Strategy For Your Perfect Success Buffet Quick Reference Guide to prepare for the class. The webinar recording will help you get started with Step #4 because this is about breaking free of linear thinking. You’ll learn a bit about this in the introduction above. But if you stay tuned there will opportunities to explore and get help with the other four steps.

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